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reluctant to use alien invasion.

Imma crazy alien , who falls in love with photography. studying in a alien school , loving a alien. i sing alien songs , eat alien foods. dont deserve any human comments.

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    Wednesday, 9 September 2009
    ... & i am going to miss you.

    9th September 2009

    been down for 2 days. and lastnight, i smiled at last. embarrasing, and yet i am happy she's not that mad anymore.

    *i hope you like what i got you love =]*

    it's 2 days left till you're off back to UK. and i hate thinking about it.

    time flies. and i was hoping i could just break those wings off them =]

    and yes it took me awhile to confess to you face to face, but i'm glad i did. it's better late than never.

    *was going to do it when i'm sending you off on Friday but, since you don't want me to come that day, so i did it lastnight =]*

    and love, i am telling the truth about you. never one word is a lie, just so that you know x]

    she's going to stay in UK for a year plus, not coming back for semester breaks. yeah there's facebook and MSN, but.. it's not going to be the same.

    yes this is life. we never get what we really wanted. maybe you'll say i'm lame, and a jerk, but.. i care =]

    and thanks for the two days hell you gave me. thanks for making me realise that i do care for you :]

    *and love, i am still sorry that i made you mad*

    well i'm off. i'm in class and i don't have a clue what the tutor is teaching us =.=

    & can you stay?


    Sunday, 6 September 2009

    okay why am i in a bad mood?

    i mean okay i started the day with a smile.

    and then i watched some old movies.

    chatting with her.


    okay i don't know why or what makes me feel down like this. i really don't.

    and sufi.. baby i'm sorry about my comments. i didn't mean to, i.. sigh. i'm screwed by this much, yes? i'm really, really sorry if you are pissed off by me. i don't know what i should do now or.. gahhh i dont know i dont know i dont know!! this freakin' head is hurting and i am not thinking straight..!! why can't i just smile and not depressed like this. and i blame this thing in me.

    im gonna be away for awhile. just until i regain myself up. this sucks. and i hate my life. i hate everything. i fucking hate it when i just can't do what i wanted, being shut by something and not be able to overcome it. this is me. god i just need someone now..


    to sufi. im sorry =) didnt mean to. cat got my tongue. maybe you're hating me now. i dont mind. well maybe this is the last, and i just want you to know i've been adoring you since this past few weeks. and.. mm.. sorry once again.

    & maybe it's for the better.


    Friday, 4 September 2009
    and i screamed.

    waiting for you, under the abandoned sky
    a peace in mind, don't cry
    just your warmth is good enough to,
    make myself feel true.

    another day, another reason
    as for you, you never listened
    what i was trying to tell
    it doesn't even ring a bell.

    just a bit longer, i wished
    can't you just stay, never leave
    i am hopeless, i am crazy
    no, it's just that you can't see.

    for every little thing i said
    for everything that i've done
    for every moment spent, for you
    i never regret, i never do.

    but if i am too late, then just let it be
    if you're happy, then i'll leave
    don't call my name, there's no turning back.
    i love you, and that's the last :]

    & i was feeling lonely.

    Tuesday, 1 September 2009
    update - 1st September

    it's 1:46 AM, and i still can't sleep.

    i can't go online (sufi baby i'm sorry =]) because the broadband's with my sister, while my handphone is being a total jerk =.=

    i did play DoTA earlier (yes i play the game so shut up.) but got tired of losing to the AIs (assholes), so i went checking on my old files in my old external harddisk.

    dumdedum checking the files~

    then, one picture caught my eyes. it was like really, really hidden (well not anymore) and i went, wow.

    it was a picture of me and Ella (i just hope you don't mind me posting this x])

    the picture was taken during dinner, at.. what was the place called again.. umm.. couldn't remember.

    she was a wee different back then. and i was too.

    we were happy back then. and she's happier now. (keep it up love. don't ever fall =])

    we're okay now i guess. we stay in touch, although it's not that often.

    but hey, i do miss her ;] teman, aku rindu kamu.

    anyway, now i'm going to blog about yes-you-know-who.

    Hjh Ervy Sufitriana (L)

    she is petite, kind, adorable (i don't care if you're older than me, you're still adorable ;p), funny, happy-go-lucky, trustworthy and a good friend :]

    i got to know her during our practice sessions of the MJ Tribute Event. she's one of the choreographers, along with Zatty (Happy Belated Birthday! ;D).

    at first i thought she was that kind of.. ambung.. person (benar, i really did 0.0 don't kick me on Thursday please :p)

    but as we talked and talked, i went, "hey.. she's a nice girl.." *smiling widely*
    LOL i remembered when she told us the story about The Pink Ping-Pong Ball (oh boy oh boy oh boy!! xD) and we laughed a lot (not because it's funny, but just because she wasted our 10 minutes hearing a story, without any endings 0.0 conclusion: never hear the story about THE PINK PING-PONG BALL from anyone. lol :p)

    after the tribute event, we contacted through Facebook (where she stalked for my phone number ;p) and MSN (shoot i want to chat with you =[ )

    she always put a smile on my face. always do. be it in Facebook, MSN or text messages, she never fails to make me smile x]

    she's going back to UK for her study. 11th September. it's less than 2 weeks. sigh. can i stop the time please? =']

    lastly, i just want to say thank you. thank you for being such a wonderful friend. i miss you love :] can't wait to see you, and the others this coming Thursday.

    that's it for tonight. i'll be back blogging soon, if i am not busy that is =] hugs for the friends.

    && time just flew by.


    Monday, 24 August 2009

    24th August 2009

    12.15am i am writing this, and today is my sister's 18th birthday (;

    i am currently at the CoffeeZone in Kiulap and we're celebrating her birthday just a few minutes ago. gahahaha. my sister is getting old. tidak kecil lagi =.='

    anyways, maybe i'll post some pictures later. maybe. itu pictures of her birthday celebration. it's late and i have classes later T.T omg puasa lagi. GAHHHHHH.

    goodnight everyone.

    & it's 2 days, 19 hours and 36 minutes left till you're back x]


    Sunday, 23 August 2009
    for the egg (;

    23rd August 2009

    back to blogging =]

    today's the first day of the fasting month. and i was hungry. gahaha. Happy Fasting people x]

    so, how have i been doing..? i've been good, great. got into ITB (i turned down the BST scholarship. whee~) and took HND in Communication and Computer Systems Engineering (got this course instead of Internet and Multimedia T.T). life's been great. for the past few weeks, it has been great. made new friends in ITB. studying in a good environment. blablabla~

    and i participated in the MJ tribute event. a lot of dancers, yesyes. got to know a lot of people and.. her =] aha. it was a great experience dancing with you guys. i've missed you all. sufi, zatty, fuad, fakhri, hadi, farhan, hasra, kj, anip, hafiz, epal, qawi, khalis and others. thanks for the fun i had =] THANK YOU.

    now.. about her ;] aha. petite, lovable, squeakable(literally) andd adorable x] she makes me laugh for the past weeks in rehearsals. she's on vacation currently, KL. get home soon love. i miss you =]

    well that's it for now. i'll blog again soon (or else she'll kill me :D) happy fasting!

    P/S: itam's family, gather, sungkai in mid puasa month. get a voting system for when and where the venue will be held.

    & its 3 days 15 hours and 24 minutes left till you're back :]